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Allergy Season

Short Story and Art by: Erin Meehan (grade 9) “It’s just a little irritated,” Dr. Moore assured me. “It’s allergy season, you know. I’ll just write up a prescription for eye drops and it should clear up in a week or so.” He finished writing something illegible on a slip of paper and reached toContinue reading “Allergy Season”

MACCS 9th Grade English Poetry Performance Night

ENGLISH 09 B Antonio Marioni, reading “Cinderalla” by Roadl Dahl Jack Gose, reading an original poem, “Down, Down, Down” James Depper, reading an original poem, “Ashamed” Alex Cuellar, reading an original poem, “Writer’s Block is Truly the Worst” Vincent Gilbert, reading a “Dreamland” by Edgar Allen Poe Jada Bingham, reading “To the Rain” by UrsulaContinue reading “MACCS 9th Grade English Poetry Performance Night”

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